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To prove, that WE aren't blind...

I'd just like to put this question out there to the community...

It's my theory that most republicans are single issue voters. By 'most republicans' i mean most mainstream republicans... whether it be taxes, gun rights, abortion, foreign policy, education, or immigration policy, or an intercorrelation of any two, those who vote republican usually vote for one single issue they're ardent about.

for example, the Pink Pistols, a gay republican lobbyist group whose sole motivation for being republicans is gun rights, despite the fact that the president they'll vote for despises them.

it seems republicans really are blind to the real issues, or only want to see it their way.

but... in conversations recently with people i know who are ardent liberals (more like ardent democrats; there's a real difference sometimes), i've found an uncomfortable amount of "blindness" or ignorance of facts prevalent in their opinions. They bash bush and conservatives simply for being bush or being conservative. while i appreciate the fact that they're chomping at the bit to get at bush, i still want to know that my 'side' is the smarter side, and that we're the ones who are voting based not only on principle, but based on justification through fact. as much as bush is easy to beat down, as pretty much anything he does turns into a flaming wreck, i'd like the attacks made on him be based on fact rather than simply opinion; and i'd like people like me who are progressive and liberal to admit to themselves that
a. not all democrats are necessarily 'good' or know whats right for the country
b. not all policies democrats and liberals want to push are right(e.g. COMPLETELY pulling out of iraq would probably be a disaster in itself; now that we're in the mess we have no choice but to stay there until we can clean it up, as sad is it is)
c. not all republicans necessarily are idiots (John McCain, for example, would be the perfect running mate for Kerry if he decided to turn against his own party, but will not based on a few principles which he holds dear).
and d. which would be the hardest one of them all to admit, that even us liberals are a bit conservative. some people would have a really difficult time trying to believe that... for example my friend lashed out at me for 'assuming' that he wasn't a complete liberal (the guy is on the fence about abortion, i dont understand why he'd think that way) and had a little conservative in him.

dont believe me? go to and take the quiz they give you; it'll show you exactly where you lie in the political spectrum. American policy as it is is pretty moderate compared to classical liberalism and conservatism. for example, if you're looking for the best personification for a total liberal (in the governmental aspect) look no farther than adolph hitler.

i dont know if i'm the only one thinking like this. but i just want to try and prove to myself that my side of the aisle is smarter, wiser, and 'better' than the other 'side', so that i never have a conflict and become disillusioned like nader voters.
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