ironys-antihero (navychamois) wrote in therealpolitik,


Cannabis. Marijuana. Weed. Reefer. Whacky Tobaccy.

we all know what it is... the question i want to ask is what people think about it.

keep it illegalized?

stiffer penalties for possession/sale?

softer penalties?


totally legalize?

what do people here want to do with marijuana as a campaign issue?

i know that most people in my age group who i know think that it should be decriminalized; some want it all-out legalized. is this true amongst everyone though? what justification can people give for legalizing/illegalizing?

as far as my opinion goes: i dont believe weed is a worse narcotic than tobacco, so as long as tobacco is out there so should weed. weed doesnt get you any more disoriented than alcohol does; and the restrictions on the latter are lax as it is.

however, i know if weed is legalized, the industry for it in this country will make big tobacco look like a mom and pop business. there will be those out there who will exploit it, manipulate it to make it addictive, and eventually make it into a product that would give the former reasons for illegalizing it validation.

so, not as much for the health aspects of it as much as how it'll be exploited is why i dont think restrictions should be lifted; in the same measure i believe the US government's tactics in trying to prevent its use are brutal and futile.
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